Resell.Biz SSL Module

Now Download Your Resell.Biz SSL Module for Your WHMCS.Support 7.5.2+ Version.Price: $0.10How to Install:1. Order From Our System.2. Download the File.3. Login to Your cPanel goto /modules/servers.4. Upload the Zip File Over there.Now Login and Refresh Your WHMCS.Now Follow This Steps: Setting up an SSL Product To create a Resell.Biz SSL ... Read More »

18th Aug 2018
Server Order Verification Issue

Hello All Users,

After the Server Order, You will get a Mail to provide your ID verification and your ID will stay no longer on the server after you verified yourself by the Id.

Thank you,
Liuhost Safe and Trust Team

9th May 2018
Server Refund Issue

Hello All Users,

After Order when the server setup start. You will get the Email that server setup is starting. If you issue a refund before that email you will get the refund. If you issue a refund after getting the mail, you will not get any refund.

Thank You,
Liuhost Technology

9th May 2018
Stay Way SPAM

Hello All Users,Thank you for Using Our Services. This notice is for our all user. If they do any kind of spam website or spam Email. His/Her Account will be suspended Auto without any notice and Not Restorable without giving the Valid Reason.If Try to refund for that Service. The Refund will be not issued anymore.So, Be Careful,Thank You,Liuhost ... Read More »

9th May 2018

We have start Selling of EV SSL from Comodo. Get Your Internet Authority

28th Feb 2017